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Sunday Messages

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Jesus Generation
December 27-30, 2016

Jesus Generation is a conference where we end the year with worship and prayer. No fee; no registration.

SPEAKERS: Shawn Bolz, Jerame Nelson, Edwin Duran
VENUE: 1531 S. Sinclair St., Anaheim, CA, 92806

November 19, 2016

LOVE OC is a night of equipping and evangelism to love God and others.  It’s a monthly evangelism event hosted by Blessed Youth. We’re inviting all churches and youth to gather together to worship, intercede for our community & region, and go out to the streets to evangelize and love people. Come join us on Nov. 19!

House of Prayer OC

HOPOC, or house of prayer Orange County, is a night and day worship and prayer house, composed of rotating two hour sessions led by teams of musicians and intercessors.  The purpose of HOPOC is primarily to adore Jesus Christ through worship and prayers, and secondly to partner with our High Priest in kingdom intercession.


Welcome students!

In our pursuit of family worship, children remain in the main service for Sunday worship.  Afterwards, we provide the following student ministries from 8 months to 5th grade (youth remain in service for the message).

Student Ministries
8 mo. – 12th grade

Nursery & Toddlers (8 months – Pre-K)
Kindergarten & Elementary (K-5)
Youth (6-12)

School of Ministry

First Semester: Internship Program

Interns are trained in the word of God, worship, Christian character, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  In this 5 month program, interns will spend 24+ hours per week in small group study, one-on-one mentoring with a pastor, prayer partner meetings, and serve various church ministries under the direction of the church leaders. As the interns spend a focused season of their lives building foundations for their lives, they come to know Jesus and themselves in a deeper way, discover their personal mission and calling, and forge lifelong friendships.

Second Semester: Theological Foundations
Pre-requisite: Internship Program

This 20 week class is conducted in a small group seminar format, where students take an active role in learning various topics of theology and foundational doctrines for their lifelong ministry. This class will cover various topics of theology, including the doctrines of: revelation, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, man and salvation, and the second coming of Christ. Through this course, students will begin to cultivate a spirit of biblical discernment that will guide them as they grow in their spiritual life and ministry to others. Students will also learn to open themselves up for deeper understanding of God’s truth that comes from the context of prayer. Students are expected to spend time weekly in reading, writing, scriptural meditation, and prayer.

Discipleship Training

Discipleship trainings are foundational classes that introduce believers of all maturities to the essential message of Christ and the vision of Blessed International Revival Center.


DT 101: Following Jesus

DT 101 is a 5 week course, offered 3-4 times per year.  This class will cover some basic essentials for following Jesus, including:

  1. What is the gospel message?
  2. How does one receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
  3. What is God’s purpose and plan for the church?
  4. What is the calling and vision of Blessed?

DT 201: Knowing Jesus

DT 201 is a 5 week course, touching on the topics of: the cross, grace, holiness, Trinity, and the fear of the Lord.

God wants us to know Him, and He provided the means through His son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.  DT 201 will further enrich your journey of knowing Jesus.

Blessed Music

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Glory Houses

Glory Houses are large home gatherings with worship and prayer.  They’re a place to connect with God and other  and be refreshed in the Lord’s presence by experiencing the Holy Spirit.  Psalm 34:8 invites us to “taste and see that the Lord is good,” and we want to invite you to experience the goodness of the Lord at our Glory Houses.

Life Groups

Life Groups are small gatherings of people committed to sowing into one another, growing together in the Lord, and multiplying Disciples of Christ.  The purpose of Life Groups is to gather people to do life together in order to cultivate deep relationships, encourage one another, and have accountability in their journey with the Lord (Hebrew 10: 19-39).  The dynamics and focus of each life group will vary depending on the people in the life group and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Those who join Life Groups are asked to commit to the group for as little as 4 months.


BIM (Blessed International Ministries) is a growing network of churches & equipping centers in the nations, with the vision of seeing a revival and great harvest on the earth. When Blessed International Revival Center began back in 2004 in Anaheim, CA, God told us that we would have churches & equipping centers all over the world, beyond our imagination. Nothing happened outside the U.S.A. for approximately 9 years, but around 2013, Blessed churches & equipping centers started getting planted in the nations.  As of early 2016, we have 104 churches & equipping centers in 8 nations, including U.S.A., Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, India, & Germany.