Last updated June 1, 2017.


Directors: Pastor Gideon and Evelyn Mudenyo


  1. Kenya (50 churches)
  2. Malawi (12 churches)
  3. Tanzania (6 churches)
  4. Uganda (6 churches)
  5. Ethiopia (5 churches)

The Seven Pillars (Strategy for Reaching East Africa):

  1. Evangelism and Church Planting
  2. Orphans and Fostering Programs
  3. Schools Ministry
  4. Leadership and Mentorship Programs
  5. Kingdom Businesses to Establish God’s Work
  6. Community Elevation Programs
  7. Responding to Community Disasters by Showing Love


Overseers: Pastor Gideon and Evelyn Mudenyo

Churches: There are fifty churches spread across six counties. Five of the counties are located in the western part of Kenya bordering Uganda. Three new churches were planted recently in Uasin Gishu County, Kakamega County, and Nairobi County (the capital). Many are being saved, healed, and delivered through evangelism and church planting events.

  1. Uasin Gishu County (16 churches)
  2. Kakamega County (12 churches)
  3. Busia County (9 churches)
  4. Bungoma County (7 churches)
  5. Transnzoia County (3 churches)
  6. Nairobi County (3 churches)

Orphanage: Blessed Kids Centre is located in Kakamega County on a donated plot of land. There are currently 20 orphans living in the orphanage. Existing facilities could use improvements and more houses could be built on the property to take in more orphans. Blessed is currently supporting 35 children- 20 children in the orphanage and 15 children adopted by Blessed pastors. It costs approximately $35 per month for a child to receive food, clothes, shelter, and education.

Mercy Ministry: Severe famine and starvation has hit Turkana County, in northwest Kenya. Recent financial support from Blessed Anaheim provided the means to feed approximately 500 people. The Blessed churches in Kenya are dedicating all means possible to regularly provide food and water. Three pastors from Busia County have relocated to Turkana for this purpose.

Training Center: The vision is to acquire five acres of land in Eldoret as the future Blessed East Africa headquarters. The short-term goal is to raise $20,000 to purchase a quarter acre of land. Leaders and members have decided to skip meals twice a week to raise funds.


Overseer: Lovermore Kachingwe

Churches: There are currently twelve churches in Malawi. Pastors from Kenya are being sent to conduct trainings, which cover the BIM vision and DNA of Blessed International to ensure a strong foundation is established.


Overseer: Amos Masunga

Churches: There are six churches in Tanzania. Pastor Robin from Kenya was sent to support the churches in leadership training and evangelism. Blessed has also been able to establish the Wabarikiwa Primary school in that region.


Overseer: Jackson Wekesa

Churches: There are five churches in Uganda. They have been able to establish the Blessed Academy in that region.


Overseer: Elias Shumeta

Churches: There are five churches in Ethiopia. This year a summer mission team will be spending four days in Addis Ababa, to train the pastors and leaders.

Please Pray

  1. Pray for provision over the various projects in East Africa, including the Kid’s Centre Orphanage and the Training Center in Eldoret
  2. Pray for guidance and strategy with training pastors and leaders in various locations
Gideon & Evelyn Mudenyo
Gideon & Evelyn MudenyoDirectors of Blessed E. Africa