Directors: Christina Greuel (Chairman), Soenke Grimm (Vice Chairman), Christina Grimm (Treasurer), Wolfram Arnold (General Secretary)

Countries: Germany


Overseer: Christian Greuel

Ministry: Blessed Germany is now a registered non-profit organization in Germany. The members have met once a month for prayer, held a leadership meeting, and ministered to the homeless weekly, where many are being led to Jesus. They are praying for a meeting space to be used as a place for ministry.

Missions to India: From January 31 to February 16, the directors went on a mission trip to India. Along with providing oranges to children in the slums, Blessed Germany has been able to provide the funds for building the foundation of an orphanage in Odisha, which provides housing for ten girls. They plan to build more orphanages and a mission school in North India.

Please Pray

  1. Pray that God would provide a meeting place for ministry in Germany
  2. Pray for pastors and missionaries to be raised up for the work in Germany
  3. Pray God will provide the funds to build a home for the orphans and mission center in India
  4. Pray support will arrive without running into problems at banks in India
Christina Greuel
Christina GreuelDirector of Germany