Last updated June 1, 2017.


Directors: Pastor Abraham and Susan Matthews

Churches: Blessed India is centered in Chandigarh, and spans over three districts: Haryana, Punjab, & Odisha. In Haryana district, their efforts are focused on: a bible training center, youth and women’s meetings, & children’s ministry. This quarter, they have held prayer and worship gatherings in fourteen locations.

Bible Training Center:  This is a one-year bible school focused on teaching right biblical doctrines to “college” students. It has been successful in raising up bible-centered Christians in the region.

Ministry to Lepers: Their efforts are focused on reaching the lepers in their area as Christ did on the earth.

Please Pray

  1. Pray for the Bible students to do well and graduate
  2. Pray for provisions for the children’s home for girls in Odisha
Abraham & Susan Matthews
Abraham & Susan MatthewsDirectors of India