Last updated June 1, 2017.


Director: Pastor Peter Atiah

Countries: Ghana (17 churches)


Overseer: Pastor Peter Atiah

Churches: Blessed West Africa is centered in Atebubu, and is made up of 17 churches within Ghana’s counties including: Buoso, Abua, Binta, Atebubu-Amantin, Beposo, Primukyiae, Nyame Bekyere, Chokotei, Chambi, Kojo-Abe, Logre, Aintruwa, & Brahabebom. 

Orphanage: A facility has been established and has passed inspections, but currently lacks personnel for growth.

Training Center: There was a 24 acre plot of land sold for a minimal price due to the spread of indigenous poisonous snakes on that land. The plot was purchased, and the snakes cleared. They have clean water piping into the infrastructure and purchased a transformer, and are in the works of establishing it as the Blessed West Africa headquarter.

Zion Academy: Established in Ghana, approximately 400 students attend this school, mostly Muslims. The Christian teachers are able to use this to spread moral values into childrens’ and families’ lives.

Please Pray

  1. Pray that God would raise up laberors for the harvest
  2. Pray for Blessed West Africa headquarters to be fully established
Peter & Alice Atiah
Peter & Alice AtiahDirectors of Blessed W. Africa