Life Groups are small gatherings of people committed to sowing into one another, growing together in the Lord, and multiplying disciples of Christ. The purpose is to gather people to DO LIFE TOGETHER in order to cultivate deep relationships, encourage one another, and have accountability in their journey with the Lord (Hebrew 10: 19-39).  The dynamics and focus of each life group will vary depending on the people in the life group and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Those who join are asked to commit to the group for as little as 4 months.

To join a life group, contact Pastor Paul Mun.

Women’s Life Groups

Young Married Women
Led by Pastor Yuree Kim

Young Adult Women
Led by Jenny Chun

Men’s Life Groups

Young Adult Men
Led by Hyunwoo Lee

Young Married Men’s
Led by Pastor Albert Kim

Focused Life Groups

Dreamers & Artists (Creative Arts)
Led by Teri Grimes

Freedom (Eight Week Deliverance Meetings)
Led by Terri Decolibus

Paul Mun, Assoc. Pastor
Paul Mun, Assoc.