Discipleship trainings are foundational classes that introduce believers of all maturities to the essential message of Christ and the vision of Blessed International Revival Center.

DT 101: Following Jesus

This course is an introduction to Blessed International and covers basic essentials for following Jesus:

  • What is the gospel message?
  • How does one receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
  • What is God’s purpose and plan for the church?
  • What is the calling and vision of Blessed?

DT 201: Knowing Jesus

God wants us to know Him, and He provided the means through His son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.  This course covers the topics of:

  • The cross
  • Grace
  • Holiness
  • The trinity
  • The fear of the Lord

DT 301: Loving Jesus

This class covers how a believer can keep a passion for God in his or her life through the following topics:

  • How to become a house of prayer
  • How to genuinely love others
  • Learning what God’s greatest desire for us is

DT 401: Revealing Jesus


Joseph Lee, Pastor
Joseph Lee, Pastorjosephlee@blessedintl.com