Our vision is to raise up and equip end-time harvesters that will go into all the nations and advance the kingdom of God.

First Semester: Internship Program

Interns are trained in the word of God, worship, Christian character, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  In this 5 month program, interns will spend 24+ hours per week in small group study, one-on-one mentoring with a pastor, prayer partner meetings, and serve various church ministries under the direction of the church leaders, especially in HOPOC (House of Prayer, Orange County).

As the interns spend a focused season of their lives building foundations for their lives, they come to know Jesus and themselves in a deeper way, discover their personal mission and calling, and forge lifelong friendships.

To apply for the internship program, download our INTERNSHIP APPLICATION.

Second Semester: Theological Foundations

This semester is open to those who have completed the first semester: Internship Program. It lasts for 20 weeks, and is conducted in a small group seminar format where students take an active role in learning various topics of theology and foundational doctrines for their lifelong ministry.

This class will cover various topics of theology, including the doctrines of: revelation, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, man and salvation, and the second coming of Christ. Through this course, students will begin to cultivate a spirit of biblical discernment that will guide them as they grow in their spiritual life and ministry to others. Students will also learn to open themselves up for deeper understanding of God’s truth that comes from the context of prayer. Students are expected to spend time weekly in reading, writing, scriptural meditation, and prayer.

Special emphases will be on:

  • Learning the foundational teachings of the Scripture (Heb 6.1)
  • Learning how to read the bible thematically for future studies
  • Receiving personal revelations from the scriptures and prayer
  • Building foundations for supernatural ministry from the scripture

If you’re interested in attending the Blessed School of Ministry, please contact us!

Joseph Lee, Pastor
Joseph Lee, Pastorjosephlee@blessedintl.com